Monday, June 4, 2018

Hunter Week 28: Almost Summer!


Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a great week! My week has been tiring, but great! We have done a lot of walking in our area this week which is nice! We had a little bit of a cold front in around Wednesday or Tuesday evening, so the weather wasn’t too bad as well. Not too much success unfortunately, but we are trying to work hard in our area. We are trying to do some work in the one Samoan ward we have. Not a lot of success so far but we are going through the area book as well as some referrals we have. We’re hoping to get some work sparked there.

Thursday evening we had a new investigator lesson which was awesome! They are going to be moving out in a month sadly. They wanted to start meeting with us and to get baptized. So, we are going to start the lessons with them and see how it goes!  The walked around for the rest of our evening.

Friday we had our district meeting which was good as usual. Saturday we did some service for a few people. So, that was good to do. Sunday, we had church, of course. It was great to hear everyone’s testimonies! We also went to the Youth Devotional which was awesome! It’s been a great week here in West Valley and I’m looking forward to this week! Love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stakes