Monday, March 19, 2018

Hunter Week 17: Preach My Gospel

Good Morning! It’s been an amazing week here in West Valley! We have been working hard trying to find some new investigators (people that are interested in learning more about the church). We have been knocking doors and walking the streets looking for people to teach and to help come unto Christ. We found one after many hours of seeking. haha! It’s a part member family with a 9 year old daughter. We will be meeting with them this evening at 7. We are excited to start working with them!

Elder Heeding has been doing very well! He’s has adjusted to missionary life really well and is a great support and missionary! We are getting along well and are working hard! We were able to give our testimonies in the Hunter 15th ward which was great! We will be speaking in the 5th ward next week! So, we will have spoken three times by the end of this transfer which is great! Elder Heeding does great talks as well!

I have been trying to focus more on the Book of Mormon recently and I am currently in the middle of Mosiah and finished reading the story of Abinadi.  We were able to use that story in a lesson with one of our recent converts, Ray, and we read chapters 13-14 with him and talked about the commandments and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We told him of how Abinadi talked to the wicked King Noah and his Priest and taught them about the Law of Moses and the Savior who would fulfill the Law. He also read Isaiah 53 as another witness of his words to the King. It’s amazing to see how the Book of Mormon is a companion to the Bible and supports it. Using both brings the doctrine of Christ into focus.

I love being a missionary and it’s crazy to think I only have 3 more months of it! I love serving and helping the people around me. I can promise you that if you read the Book of Mormon every day that the windows of Heaven will open and you will find answers and peace in your own life as it has mine. I love this Gospel! Our last Prophet Thomas S. Monson said in his last public address we need to read this Book daily. I love y’all! Thanks for all the love and support! May God bless you!

Elder Bowie
Hunter East and Hunter Stakes 
Salt Lake City West Mission