Monday, March 12, 2018

Hunter Week 16: Walk of Faith

Good Morning, everyone! This has been another awesome week here in West Valley! We didn’t have many lessons but we had some excellent experiences! To start, Monday evening we had a lesson cancel and we went out contacting and we went by a lady named Demetra and she is cool and is a single mom of 5 or 6 kids! She really isn’t that interested in church and works two jobs so she is rarely home but her mom stays with the kids. So we had a good talk with her and she knows the Bishop in the area and hopefully when things clear up in her life she will be ready to join the Gospel, but for right now she isn’t interested in Church. Then Tuesday last week was our pday which you already know about. We went to downtown Salt Lake. Then we went out contacting and it was pretty good. Wednesday we decided to do a “Walk of Faith”. Since we had nothing planned for the whole afternoon we just walked around for a few hours. Nothing too much happen. We had a correlation meeting and talked about some of the people we are trying to work with and got to know the ward missionaries a bit better.

Thursday we did some service for Brother Gomez in helping put away some costumes and stuff from the event downtown for the Spanish community. So that was a lot of fun and we messed around with some of it and took some cool pics. haha! Then we ate lunch and we did our weekly planning and then contacted in the evenings. Friday we had our District Meeting which was a bit small since the sisters in our district were at the Jordan River Temple preparing for the Open House. It was good and then we did some more walking and not too much happened. Saturday we decided to walk the boundaries of our area. In the afternoon since both our afternoon appointments canceled. So 10, 11 miles later we finished and went back home with just a little bit of time left until dinner. While we were walking we were able to give someone a priesthood blessings which was awesome! He saw us walking and asked us to come in and he told us he was struggling and he was a member. So, we were able to give him a blessing and directed him to his bishop. So, that awesome! Sunday we had church and we did some walking in the afternoon. A few meetings then we walked to dinner. That was fun. Our lesson at 6 told us they weren’t interested so we walked to our lesson at 7 and they canceled since she had to work extra. Then we went by our ward mission leader, Brother Nelson, and did a correlation meeting which was good.

So ya, we did not have many lessons this week, but we were able to still work and walk around and do some good that otherwise couldn’t have been done. So, it’s been a good week and it’s been nice weather so it makes walking a couple miles not too bad. haha! I hope everyone had a great week! Thanks again for all the love and support! And, in case you didn’t see I have now less than 100 days left on the mission. haha! So, I’ll do my best to make it count!

Elder Bowie
Hunter & Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission