Monday, February 5, 2018

Hunter Week 11: Open Doors


Good morning everyone! It’s been a great week here in West Valley! We had our interviews with President Palmer, Wednesday, which is always awesome! He told me and Denkers that he is probably going to whitewash our area which means two new elders replace us! However, we will know for sure this Saturday! It’s hard to believe that this transfer is almost over! It goes by too fast sometimes!! Had some exciting news this week! Elder Denkers got his Visa for the Philippines! So he will leave just a few days after the transfer on the 17th! He’s super excited!

Thursday we had a really successful night! We had a lesson, and we had Brother Nelson drive us around and contact some of our referrals. We ended up contacting almost everyone on our list! We got a return appointment for one former Investigator, Aymen! He is a 10 year old black kid, and we set up a lesson with his mom for Friday.

Friday we had our lesson with him and it went great! He currently has his two cousins living with him while they are looking for a home. They happen to not be members. as well! So we taught all three of them. Wor (10) and James (13) are his two cousins’ name. We taught the Restoration, and it went well and we gave them Book of Mormons. We set up the lesson for next week and we are hoping to get some real progress going. The mom is a member btw.

Saturday we started the new member lessons with Ray, our recent convert, which went very well! We watched the Restoration movie thing and we discussed it with him and it went very well! Then we met with Braxton, another recent convert, and taught the Plan of Salvation. Both of them are doing well!  We also taught an investigator named Jeremiah who is 10. We taught the Plan of Salvation which went well and they said they would be at church!

Sunday, we had Church and Jeremiah and his little sister were dropped off by their dad to church. Their dad is less active, but he wants them to get involved in the Church. The rest of our day went great and we met with Brother Nelson later that day which went good. I hope everyone’s week went great! I love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter & Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission