Monday, January 15, 2018

Hunter Week 8: The Lord's Work


It’s been a great and pretty warm week here in West Valley! We had a lot of great experiences this week! Monday we had our lesson for that evening after P-Day fall through. So, we went contacting with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Gomez! He is a great guy! So we went contacting to some referrals we had but not much success came from it sadly. Tuesday we had a pretty similar day. We were going to met with Braxton the 10 year old that we baptized last transfer to do one of the Recent Convert lessons, but it fell through. We happen to be with Brother Gomez and he was free as well and we did the same thing as the night before and contacted names this time with great success! We contacted most of the names. Not everyone accepted us, but we got them checked off the list and had something to report to the Wards. We did get a few lessons set up which is always great as a missionary.

Wednesday was a good day. We had one lesson set up last night for today but it fell through (surprise, surprise) but we set up a correlation meeting with one of our wards in the Hunter Stake which went awesome! We had most of the ward council there and we talked about the people we were working with or trying to. haha. We talked and we got referrals for 4 family with people that are not baptized for us to go and contact in that ward which is great! So we are currently working on contacting those names. Thursday we had our weekly planning day for the afternoon where we plan out what we are going to do next week. In the evening we taught Rebecca who we baptized at the end of last transfer the recent convert lesson. It went very well and she is doing very well and is on track on getting sealed with her husband in the temple.

Friday we had District Meeting which was great. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and working with members. We had lunch and watched President Monson’s funeral at one of the senior couple’s house. It was really awesome to watch it and see the funeral. I am definitely going to miss him! Later we met with one of our investigators and we had a great lesson and we taught the Plan of Salvation which went well. They had a lot of good questions & are still coming to church. Saturday we went downtown with one of our investigators, Rey, to the Church History Museum for him to see about the Prophet Joseph Smith  and learn about the history of the Church. It was really awesome and their video about the first vision is the best part! It was really good for him! Plus it’s always fun to go downtown. We did this in the afternoon and then afterwards we had dinner. Later that evening we did our weekly progress reports and emailed them out to the Ward mission leaders in our area.

Sunday we had church, of course. Brother Gomez, our ward mission leader, got released so we went to his ward to see that and talk to our new WML Brother Nelson. We watched the YSA devo broadcast as well which was great, and it was a lot of fun to listen to that! It’s been a pretty good week and I hope everyone is staying warm back home! I’ve been pretty blessed here with warm weather for the most part. Love y’all, and I hope you have a great day!

Elder Bowie 
Hunter and Hunter East Stake 
Salt Lake City West Mission