Monday, January 29, 2018

Hunter Week 10: Like a Rough Stone Rolling


Good morning everyone! I hope your week has been great! It’s been another wonderful week here in West Valley! We have been going out on visits with some of our ward mission leaders. Monday we went out after pday with our new one, Brother Nelson, and that went great and we set up a return appointment with a Hispanic family that invited us back so that was awesome! Tuesday we met with Ray for his last lesson before his baptism Saturday! It went really well, and we finished up the commandments with him. We also set up a time for his interview as well as the program.

Probably the best part about Tuesday is that we got a car from our AP’s! Apparently, their car was in the shop during transfers, and so they had a spare and gave it to us! It has been a huge blessings! We are so glad to have it!! Then we also had a new investigator lesson with Oscar with our ward mission leader as well! We met at the Church building and had a great lesson with him! He had those typical golden questions about: How he could improve his life with his family? How can learning about Christ help me? I just want to be happy with my family? We were able to talk to him about that and did our first lesson, the Restoration, with him and it went great! So, we are super excited to start working with him! Wednesday we had two visits set up in the evening. The first one was with the 5th Ward. We met up with the Ward mission leader and went out and visited people with not too much luck. So we set up a time next week to have a correlation with him and the ward missionaries. Then we went out with the 11th Ward and that went well. We contacted the few names we had and had a great time.

Thursday we had our interview with Ray which he passed! So that was awesome and we just confirmed some things for the baptism. Then in the evening we met with Rebecca, our recent convert, and did one of the new member lessons which went great! Friday we had our district meeting which went great as usual. Then we helped out a little in a service project afterwards helping this member family with their flooring which was good. Our lesson at 4 canceled sadly. Then nothing too successful happened in the evening. Saturday was a great day! We had Ray’s baptism at 12 which went great! The Spirit was very strong, and it awesome to see him get dunked! Then in the afternoon we contacted a few names that we had a lot of success! We contacted everyone on the list. We may have a potential new investigator from that as well! Her name is Maria Soto. She is Catholic and lives with her son who is a member. She doesn’t want to abandoned her traditions and cultures, but she felt like us coming over and visiting for a minute was a sign from God that she needed to met with us. So we are going to start teaching her this week! Super excited about that!

We had Stake Conference in the East Stake in the evening which was great! Then Sunday we had the rest of it. We had to leave early to get to Ray’s ward for the confirmation! That went really well, and President Palmer came as well which was awesome! So, now he is officially a member of the church! So, this week went by pretty quick, and I hope all y’all’s week have been wonderful! Thanks for all the love and support! Love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter & Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission