Monday, October 23, 2017

Samoan Week 14: Place your trust in God.


Good morning brothers and sisters, talofa!! This week has been a week of miracles! This week our mission got Facebook, so now we can post things and talk to people about the gospel on there and on P-days we can use it to talk to family and friends. So, it’s been super cool to have this tool now and to use it for spreading the gospel! So, if you haven’t friended me yet, please do! My profile name is Zach Bowie.

The other great thing that has happened this week is that we have picked up a ton of new investigators! So, we recently picked up two brothers who’s dad was less active. They have been coming to church with their grandpa, and the dad is trying to get active and wants to get them baptized. So, now we are teaching them! Another one is a nine year old of a less active family that wants to get baptized! So, now we are working with the whole family to get them to be active! Sunday we got another one as well! It’s kind of the same situation as the rest. A less active starting to come to church and they have an 11 year old daughter that wants to get baptized. We are now teaching her as well! So, it’s been awesome. We still have gotten some referrals, too. So we will see if we can get a few more people to work towards baptism! So, it’s been awesome so see this many people come to us at once!!

One of the coolest things that happen this week is that I was able to be part of Roy’s Baptism this Saturday! It was awesome, and our mission president, President and Sister Palmer, were there as well! I was able to be the one who baptized him which was amazing! It was an amazing experience! I’m very proud of Roy and for his decision to be baptized!

We credit a lot of this success to the goal setting we did at zone conference when we got facebook. They talked a lot about it, and we prayed about it and set some goals and prayed about it again. And it’s a miracle to see Heavenly Father’s hand in our lives and in the lives of those that we are teaching! I love all of y’all, and I hope everyone is having a blessed week! If you’re not, then turn back around and look for God’s hand in your life and I can promise you that you will see it without a doubt! Love y’all and stay safe!

Elder Bowie
Samoan Wards
Salt Lake City West Mission