Monday, September 11, 2017

Samoan Week 8: Salt Lake or Bust


Brothers and Sisters Talofa!

This week has been awesome! I had two exchanges this week! Which was super fun! First one was with Elder Knudsen again (he's the one from Branson), and he came to my area this time. We had a good day together, and we went contacting over in Manga which is fun to go out there, but we didn't have too much success. Nevertheless, it was still really fun to be with him and to see how each other was doing. Then again on Friday, we had exchanges and this time I went with Elder Crowther! He's from Flagstaff and he used to be in my district in Kearns, and it was great to catch up with him since we haven't been together in almost a year! I also saw Elder Mayor whom I met when I was with the Spanish Elders who lived there with Elder Crowther. So it was good to see him too! It was great! We had to take an elder to Temple Square to the family services and while he was in a meeting & since we had nothing to do, we went around Temple Square and toured around! Haha! It was really good, and we met a lot people from a lot of places. One of the senior couples that worked at the Joseph Smith building were the grandparents of my trainer, Elder Dunham! So that was great to see them and to talk with them for a bit!

I'm very grateful to be serving here in Salt Lake City. It's truly the place where the Lord needs me. To be able to go to Temple Square and to have these great resources here that we can use for missionary work is awesome. Remember to kept those that are affected by the earthquake and the floods in your prayers! Lots of crazy stuff going on in the world! It's makes me grateful for the Gospel knowing that Heavenly Father is here for all of us. By turning to him we can have that peace he promises us. Also, another great thing  happened yesterday! My youngest brother, Cole, got baptized! I'm so proud of him and for his decision to be baptized! I couldn't go, but I'm very happy for him! I love all y'all! And I hope everyone had a great week! Stay safe and live the gospel!

Elder Bowie
Samoan Wards
Salt Lake City West Mission