Monday, September 4, 2017

Samoan Week 7: Great and Marvelous Work


Brothers and Sisters, Talofa! I hope all y'all had an amazing week! My week has been very good! We now have another set of missionaries living with us since we had a spare bedroom, so that's been great! We have Elder Maldarizzi, from Italy, and his greenie, Elder Keith, whose from North Carolina! So it's been great to have roommates! It's been great serving with the Samoan people here in the valley with Elder Bingham! We have been trying new ways to find people to teach. Contacting the young men to get them involved in missionary work is the main thing we have been doing this week as well as this next week as well.

I also had a baptism in one my pervious areas, out in Tooele, and I had the opportunity to be able to go which was awesome! It was someone named Ace that I met with Elder Lane. Ace, used to do a lot of drugs and stuff and he changed his life around through the church's addiction recovery program. He now runs and leads those himself helping other people with that trial. He was on parole, and so he was waiting approval from the First Presidency to be baptized. So it was awesome to see him finally make it! I was really grateful to be able to go!

This week has been fantastic and I love the mission! Hard to believe it's already September again! Time goes by too fast! Thank y'all for everything again and for your support! I'm very glad to be serving here as well as to be learning and growing everyday! Remember to pray for those that are affected by the hurricane down in the Houston area! I'm sure they could use a lot of help right now! Thank y'all again! I love all y'all! Stay safe and chose the right!

Elder Bowie
Samoan Wards
Salt Lake City West Mission