Monday, August 21, 2017

Samoan Week 5: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride


Good Morning everyone! This past week has been awesome! This week I went on exchanges with Elder Knudsen which was great! He is from Branson which is cool, and we had a lot of fun together even though we only had one lesson that day! It went good though and our one lesson went well with this Tongan guy and the Spirit was really strong there! We taught the Plan of Salvation and we had a lot of member support there to help out and to bear their testimonies as well! So, it was a ballin lesson!

Saturday Elder Bingham had a baptism in one of his previous areas, and we were able to attend that which was awesome! It's always great being able to go to a baptism because of how spiritual and how fantastic they are! So, that was defiantly a big highlight of this past week! We also played volleyball with some folks in our ward that night and that was a lot of fun. We got to get to know some people and just relax and have fun which is always nice! So now my volley ball skills are on par now (haha!) since all the Polynesians love it! We get invited to play a lot which is great!

So ya, besides that we didn't do too much this week besides the usual missionary work stuff! The mission has been great, and it's hard to believe that now 14 Months have already gone by!! It goes by way too fast sometimes! I love it though! I hope all of y'all have been doing well! We have transfer's next week, so I'll know by next Saturday if I am staying here another 6 weeks or moving somewhere else! It's exciting! We are getting a lot of new missionaries, so we'll see what happens! Anyways, I love all y'all! Hope y'all have a good week!

P.S. Also have fun watching the solar eclipse today!! That'll be fun!

Elder Bowie
Samoan Wards
Salt Lake City West Mission