Monday, May 1, 2017

Hunter Week 7: Save it for a rainy day!


Well, I think Utah almost decided to become spring now. We did have snow last Friday, so I still think winter isn't done yet! This week has been cold and wet with some cold freezing rain, and also we had our car go to a set of sisters. So we have been walking and biking through it now! So perfect timing right. haha! But it has been good, and it feels good to be back on my feet again! We recently updated our ward maps and  we have been tracting all the doors we don't have records on. We actually found some potential new investigators by doing so! We have been doing that mostly this week when we don't have lessons. So it has been really fun and very good for our area as well!

We also had a miracle happen last week that I felt like I should put here in my email. So our District Leader, Elder Blatter, had some family in Nacogdoches, Texas and since, as some of y'all know, I have lots of family in Nacogdoches. So I told him that. I got his relative's address (who isn't a member) and gave it to my Mema. She is a ward missionary and works often with the sister missionaries in her ward. So, she went out with them to find them! And guess what, they did! They let them in and talked with them. They are Baptist, and she gave them a Book of Mormon and a pass along card with 3 Nephi 11, where Jesus Christ comes to America after his resurrection. They invited the sisters to come back, and it was a great experience to know that they allowed them to come in! It was a great miracle to witness! It's something that only a mission could bring to pass. So I'm glad I was out here at this point in my life. It gives a witness to me that I'm doing the right thing and that Heavenly Father is looking out for our family.

So yes, I'm enjoying every day of my mission. It has been great to witness so many miracles on almost a daily basis here and to meet many people from different backgrounds. Utah truly is a gathering place for the world and everyday I met people from outside of the United States (For example, this week I have met folks from India, Colombia, Mexico, and China.)  It is even better working with these people to come to the gospel and find that it works for everyone no matter the background of the person. By just coming to church, reading the scriptures, and saying personal prayers, you see a visible changes in their families and in how they do their dealings in secular things in a positive way. It is a miracle to witness that.

Everyone has been great and thank you again for your prayers and support! It's awesome to be here and it's been great. It's the best feeling in the world is when you knock on a door and the person who answers says something like we just prayed for you to be here. Miracles do happen and it great to be here for the ones that I see and those I don't see. I love all of y'all and hope your week has been good! Thanks again for the support, and I hope all of y'all have a ballin week!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Granger South Stakes
Salt Lake City West Mission