Monday, April 3, 2017

Hunter Week 3: Conference Weekend

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Good morning everyone! This past week has been yet another ballin’ week here in West Valley! We had General Conference this last weekend, and I hope everyone got a chance to watch it! It was awesome! We went to the Saturday afternoon session, and it was soooooo cool! The Conference Center that the Church built in Temple Square is massive, and it was so cool to be in there and to sing with literally thousands of other people. It was an amazing spiritual experience! We went with a recent convert and his son and brother in law who were not members, and they loved it! They were asking us when the next conference would be, and it was cool! We met so many people from France and Brazil while waiting in line. It was pretty neat! They didn't announce the Arkansas Temple yet, but they probably will next year! ;) It was great to hear from our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and he is a awesome, He shared a ballin’ testimony! But ya, I definitely got inspired to improve some things that I think will help me become a better missionary!

Regarding people we are working with, currently we found a new part member family named the Fadels who in the past had some rough history with the Church. They could use some prayers. The dad is really trying to make an effort, so that will be good for the whole family. We didn't get to meet with Abby this week. We will hopefully be getting a new investigator next week! It is someone named Brittney, and she is living in a member’s home and wants to met with us. So we will be swinging by Tuesday for that! But ya, the weather has been great recently, and it makes we wish I was biking! It's still weird being in a car area, and plus it's smaller than my area in Tooele. haha! But ya, thank y'all for all the support and prayers! I really do appreciate it!

A mission is the best thing that can be happening for me at this stage in my life. I'm learning more and more each and every single day about how to use Christ more in my life, and it's ballin’! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and so is the Book of Mormon! Right now I'm in Helaman in the Book of Mormon, and I have recently been learning more from the Book of Mormon than ever before! It's crazy. I've been reading like 10 chapters a day, and it's so ballin’! So I will ask all of y'all to do the same challenge that Sister Palmer gave to me which is to read 4 chapters of the  Book of Mormon every day and by doing so you can draw closer to our Savior. So ya, love y'all! Keep being you!

Also, just so y'all know, we are hiking Bells Canyon. So I'll have no service probably until we get back this afternoon!

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