Monday, February 27, 2017

Tooele Week 11: Slam Dunk


Good morning y'all! I have to say this week was awesome! We had our first baptism in Tooele this week! It was also Elder Lane's first baptism in the mission! Travis Knecht was baptized by his father in law, and it was so awesome! Elder Chiester of the Seventy came to the baptism since he knew Travis which was really cool! The Spirit was so strong in that meeting! Travis has been taught for just about 15 years by many, many missionaries and it was so awesome to see him finally change and to do things as a family! Now he's coming to church and has family prayer and scripture study and it's awesome! And now when he gets the priesthood he can baptize one of his boys which will be even more amazing!

But besides Travis's baptism, we had a lot of success this week! We are working with a less active lady named Sinah, and we are helping her to get to the temple so that she can seal her family. Her husband passed away a few years ago, and she's been struggling with that . So it's good see that she is striving to overcome her hardships! We just found a new less active family to work with in the 29th Ward!  So we will be working more with them in the near future!

It snowed on us again this week, and hopefully this is one of the last snowstorms of the year because I'm ready to wear short sleeves again! Hard to believe it's almost March! Time is flying by so fast! It's awesome to serve out here in the Wild West, and to help others to come into Christ! I love it! Thank y'all so much for all of the emails and letters!! It means a lot to me! Stay safe and hope y'all have a great week! Love y'all!!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake 
Salt Lake City West Mission