Monday, March 27, 2017

Hunter Week 2: Knocking in the Rain


Good morning y'all! This past couple days have been amazing! Since Wednesday, we found two new investigator families that we are going to begin to teach! We were contacting Thursday in the rain, and we knocked on a door and someone named Chris opened the door. He was a really nice guy and was excited to see us swinging by. So we set up a time on Saturday for us to come back and teach him and his family! So Saturday we learn that he wasn't a member of the church and neither was his wife. They didn't know really anything about the LDS church (which is really hard to find in Utah haha!) besides Joseph Smith. So we taught them the restoration! Also, he has like 4 kids who are pretty young. It went really well! He had never heard of the Book of Mormon, so we gave him a copy and asked him to read and pray about! So, it's super exciting! This week we will teach the plan of salvation and might challenge him and his wife to baptism! So I will update y'all about him and his family next week.

We also started teaching a part member family named the Smalling family yesterday. The husband is a member, but the wife is not. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and read out of the first chapter which went really well. They have a two year old son who was a little crazy. haha! We will be working with them now! We also did some service at a less active home because they were putting in some flooring. So we did that all Saturday afternoon which was really fun. We had to move furniture and all that to make room for the flooring, and then put it back. So it was fun to help them! They also have a friend who's last name is Bowie. So that was interesting since Bowie is a pretty rare name!

Also, we just picked up yet another new investigator who is from Egypt, and his name is Abby! We just met him last Sunday! He is a huge dude, and he is so awesome! He is here in Salt Lake because he had a friend who had started a business here. It’s his first time here (and he didn't know anything about Utah at all). He moved here the very beginning of October. So he went downtown his first day to check out SLC, and that's when the church has it's General Conference. So he was amazed about why so many people were in the streets, and he went over to Temple Square to check it out. He saw the apostles speaking on the big TV's and he got a copy of the Book of Mormon! He used to be a college professor, and he has read or studied about every religion you can think of. He said the first time he read the Book of Mormon it was different from anything he has ever read before or since, and he wanted to learn more. So he found a church (which isn't too hard to find here haha!), and he is in an older singles ward now. We are going to start teaching him! He is already in 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon, and he believes that it is already true. He doesn't understand about the organization of the church, but he is amazed about how real the members are in being friendly, loving and family oriented. So I'm super excited to work with him!

So ya, this week was awesome! This area is really cool, and we are finding a lot of cool members and people to work with!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so real, and it's awesome to see people learn about it and have a change in heart!  I love being out here on my mission, and it's great to help people. It's just a humbling experience! I hope all of y'all are having a good time! Hard to believe it's almost April! It's starting to warm up here, and it feels good. It makes missionary work a lot easier as people are starting to be outside more! The Spirit has been huge here, and I hope y'all are listening to the Spirit as well! Thank y'all for the emails and letters! It's great to hear from y'all! I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Granger South Stakes
Salt Lake City West Mission