Monday, January 30, 2017

Tooele Week 7: Transfers, Snow, and Dogs


Good morning y'all! Had another great week out here in Tooele! Transfers are this Tuesday and I'll... *drumroll*... will be staying here! Unfortunately, Elder Lester is leaving me!! And guess what, he's going to dirty Kearns!! He is going to Kearns East Stake where I was just 7 weeks ago. haha!! And, I'm getting a new greenie. His name is Elder Lane, and he just got out last transfer with Lester! He was actually in Kearns last transfer (I guess he was my replacement haha). So I'm super pumped to get him here in Tooele! So I'll be here another 6 weeks! I'll tell y'all more about him next week when I get to know him!

But ya, we have two baptism in February coming up, which Lester is upset about because he's moving before that. haha! But ya, one is Travis who is married to a member and they have 4 or 5 kids that are young. So, this week we should be setting him on a date for sometime this month!! So, I'm super excited for that! He's been coming to church and activities so it's been awesome to see that change in his family! Then we have a 9 year old of a less active family getting active again. So ya, her name is Talia! So, I'm super excited for this transfer!

We also had a few miracles this week! This week at church we had a guy walk in. His name is Shawn, and he's from Guam! He has a lot of tats, but he's a really cool guy. He told us that he's been to jail and he wants to change his life. So we will be meeting up with him sometime this week. He hasn't ever been to an LDS church before or heard of the Book of Mormon, so we are starting from square one with him! So, I'm super excited for this opportunity to work with him!

So ya, been a great week! We had a few cool experiences, and I love the work out here! The mission is awesome, and I am always learning something new!! Thank y'all for the letters and emails! They mean a ton! Also, Elder Quinnelly was made our Zone Leader this transfer, so that'll be great! Our new District Leader is Elder Whitaker! And I finally burned a tie for my 6 month mark as well this week! haha!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission