Monday, December 12, 2016

Kearns Week 23: Christmas in Tooele


Good Morning! I have some very exciting news for everyone! So transfers will be this Tuesday! They are finally moving me out of Kearns sadly! I'm going to miss everyone here, but I'm super excited for my next area! So I'll be heading off to Tooele for Christmas! It's a small town just west of Salt Lake City on the other side of the mountains! So I'll be sure to let everyone know my new address next week when I'm there! My new companion will be Elder Lester and he will be coming right out of the MTC, the Missionary Training Center, and I'll be his trainer!! So, I'm super excited! Of course this means I'll be white washing, which means I'll be going in blind to my area since we're both new. So it's gonna be great! It's suppose to be colder in Tooele since it's higher up then the city. So it's gonna be freezing this Christmas haha!

Other then packing all my stuff again, this week has been really great! I have been saying good bye to some people and had a lot of great last lessons with some people! I'll probably come back when some of them get baptized, because I just have befriended a lot of people here! 

It's been great and I'm super excited now for Christmas! It's one of my favorite holidays. We had a mission devotional last night, and it was super great. We brought one of our investigators to it, and it was awesome for him! 

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission