Monday, November 21, 2016

Kearns Week 20: The Power of Conversion


Good morning everyone! It has been another fantastic week here in Kearns, Utah!! We recently had a change of leadership in a few of our wards and branches (congregations), so we are getting with the new leadership to set some goals that they have and to establish a relationship with them! So, it's been a great experience this past Sabbath!

The work is going great, and yesterday we had a refugee family come to one of our wards and they said they want us to read the Book of Mormon, with them, and we will be meeting with them hopefully tonight or later this week! It's amazing to be a witness of that and to help other families in unfortunate circumstances. It's very humbling to be here in Kearns, like I have said in previous emails. I love everyone here, and it's fantastic!

We are going to have a baptism in the Spanish Branch this Saturday and we invited the Stake President to be there. She is super excited to be baptized! It was great to help her get there, even if it was just a little bit! Our first weekend of December we should have two more baptisms which will be great to see as well! It's amazing to see the fruits of the harvest finally be here, and we are still working hard.

This is Thanksgiving week and I will be spending it with a Hispanic family which will be fun! I'm excited for that! It also snowed this week so it's finally winter here in Utah!! Got my thermals just in time! Haha

I love y'all! I hope everyone is well back home and are staying warm! I am thankful for everything y'all do! Thanks for the emails and letters! Y'all are great! Stay warm, and have a happy fall y'all! 

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission

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