Monday, November 14, 2016

Kearns Week 19: New Beginnings


Well, it's been another great week! So after all the chaos that is always involved with transfers it turns out that I'm gonna be in a trio! I'm now serving with Elder Sipaque from Guatemala and Elder Balboa from Chile, so we cover English and Spanish. It's still the same area, but now I'm trying to learn Spanish! Haha! So that's fun, but we get along great and it's cool to be in a trio. I'm still staying in the same house, but it's nice with just the three of us. We did a lot this week, but unfortunately we didn't have too many lessons. We helped a few people move. We also recently contacted a refugee family from East Africa and we just gave them a Book of Mormon. We are starting to teach which is an awesome and a humbling experience. I was recently reading on which talks about how to help refugees families and it was awesome to watch all the videos on there on how we can do simple things to help them. I would asked all of you to go on there because it is really humbling. We also have a car now so now we can get places faster which is a huge blessing! It was so nice! We can now take care of ourselves which is awesome!

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission