Monday, November 7, 2016

Kearns Week 18: It’s a whole new world.


This week was awesome! It was fantastic! So we got transfer calls last Saturday and I will be staying here in Kearns until December 20th, so I'm super excited for that! We hopefully should have a few new converts by next transfer! So I’m glad to stay here! I will have a new companion. I'm not sure who I'll be working with yet, but Elder a Eason is leaving. So I'll be missing him! But this week we have been contacting a TON and we found two new people to teach and it's epic! I'm am so grateful to be in this wonderful area! So we will be working with them next week and we will see how it goes! I love the work. We had a blast this week! Keep moving forward!

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission