Monday, October 24, 2016

Kearns Week 16: I want to be the very best.


Alright guys! I hope you all had an excellent week! I know that my week was simply amazing for me! I am loving it here in Kearns, Utah! It's getting very cold and the locals say it's actually a warm fall, so now I'm even more scared for the winter that's to come!! I have lots of winter gear from missionaries and what family and friends have sent me! So don't worry! I will be warm hopefully!

Regarding missionary work, this week has been just great! We taught a TON of people this week and got a few new investigators that want to be baptized now! So, that was great to be a witness for! The Spirit is leading us and that is so awesome to be a part of! For example, last night we felt prompted to go by one of our less actives and we went by and only her grandma was at home! Then as we were saying good bye to the Grandmother we saw their truck pull up and she and her husband get out and we all go inside and start talking. It was really awesome that we caught them because she has been going thorough some very very rough times right now and we were able to talk with her and hopefully comfort her a little bit and schedule a day to come back later this week! But not only that but, afterwards we decided to go home a different way and we met another of our less actives, that we have been working with, and she was in the parking lot of a park and she just recently moved so we had NO idea where she was at and she gave us her new address which is in our area!  So we will be going by there later as well! It's awe inspiring to be part of the Lord's work and to see how he guides his servants! It's very humbling to me!!

We also got one of our dead wards that has in the past had hardly any work there up and going. We spent three days in a row just contacting names and trying to get return appointments with people and we managed to find quite a handful with the help of the ward mission leader, and other members who went out on splits with us so that we could cover more ground. So, it was awesome to see the Lord open that dead area for us and we are gonna try the same method in some of our struggling wards. So, I just love how God provides a way and that is something that I really have learned this week!

Sunday we got to one of our wards for Sacrament Meeting and I noticed that no speakers where on the program. I turned to Elder Eason and said, "Look's like we are speaking today," and not five seconds later the bishop comes up to us and said that he would like us to bear our testimonies. So, that was awesome to have the chance to bear my testimony. It was really good because one of our investigators was there in attendance and it was good to kinda focus a message a little towards him as well. We were assigned to speak in another ward right after that one as well. We talked about how to be Christ like. I talked about being excited about the gospel everyday and how you should be happy because you have a opportunity to serve in the church. So that was fun as well! After church we felt prompted to go by a former investigator of the church and we went by and he was home for once and we talked with him for a good 30 minutes and we got a return appointment and he said he wanted to be baptized so that was amazing to see the Spirit do that!

We did a lot of other activities as well this week but other than that this week was really another powerful witness to me of the divinity of Jesus Christ and how he is our Savior. I love all of y'all and I hope everyone has an another fantastic week here! Thank y'all for all the letters and emails. They mean a lot to me! Keep on doing the basics and know that I love y'all!

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission
Kearns Utah