Monday, October 17, 2016

Kearns Week 15: Zone Conference

This week has been very pivotal for me! We had a baptism this Saturday for a mother named Gloria. I never really had to plan out a baptism service before since Elder Dunham knew how to do it previously. Since Eason and I are new to it, it was a little stressful. I prayed to know how to and to make sure it would be good. Then last Tuesday, at Zone Conference, they talked about baptism and how to set up the service and it was sooo helpful! I was so happy they talked about it!! I texted our Ward Mission Leader then and there and met up with him the following morning and set up the whole thing! I was so blessed! He's a great Ward Mission Leader and he helps me feel a lot more comfortable in doing it. Last Saturday the baptism went great! President Palmer, our mission president, came to it which was awesome! The spirit was so strong, and the baptism was beautiful! I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I had watery eyes the whole time! So it was awesome to be part of it and to see how much she has changed to be at this point. It's humbling for me. I was able to confirm her yesterday at sacrament meeting which was very cool as well! It was my first time confirming someone into the Church and it was awesome! The spirit is so strong and it was a huge testimony builder for me!

Eason and I have been working hard and we recently found a guy from the Marshall Islands and he is LDS and has a ten year old daughter who wants to get baptized. So that was awesome and it was great that we were able to met him and to help him get back to church. We also came across another family of a similar situation, except they aren't Islanders, and hopefully we will have two more baptism by the end of this transfer in November if all goes well. The Lord is blessing us and it's awesome, I love being in this area!

Kearns is a great place and their are lots of humble people here for us to find and teach. We are having a blast and the work is pressing forward so it's awesome! I love hearing from y'all! Your letters and emails really do mean a lot! I hope all is well back home and that it's not too cold down there yet. Because it's freezing here, the mountains are already white with snow. So ya, but my sweater game is on point. :D I got lots of winter gear from departing missionaries and from home, so I'll be warm hopefully! Lol 

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission