Monday, October 10, 2016

Kearns Week 14: Don't stop believing!


Good morning!

This week has been another great week out here in Kearns! We are having a lot I'd good success out here and I am enjoying the work! We have been knocking like crazy this week and as a result we have been able to find potentially a few more new people to teach! I hope all is well back home! How has everyone been doing? I love hearing from y'all!

This week is going to be my 4 month mark and it crazy how fast it's flying by! The weather is getting into the forties and the mountains are white with snow!! It’s crazy to think that summer is already over! I have to wear warm jackets now or I'll freeze to death! The trees out here are loosing their leaves and it is suppose to snow soon! But besides the cooling weather the work has been going well! We had a decent amount of people come to us and we will now help them out. We helped someone moved into some apartments yesterday and that was fun carrying multiple beds up three flights of stairs! But it was good and we are going to try to work with the family this week so it's awesome!

Elder Eason is awesome and he's been helping me learn a lot as well. We have been learning and growing together and it's been awesome. We have been knocking a ton this week on people doors and we were able to find three whole new people to teach! So that has been a miracle this week! I love Kearns and their are a lot of humble and prepared people that we just have to dig for a little. But it's been awesome!  Our stakes are awesome and we have been receiving a lot of support from the leadership and it's been ballin to say the least.

But other than the work life's sweet and I love every moment of it. We ate with two Samoan families this week which was a huge blessing because it's like having an all you can eat with good homemade food. They gave us all the left overs so now we are set for like a month lol. Also when we were coming home to put the food in our fridge their is this Hispanic family that lives near us and we gave them some of our food since they aren't in the best of circumstances to say the least. So it was awesome to see how happy they were when we gave them some Samoan food. One of the kids said, "This is SO good! I'm gonna eat it all in one bite!" So it was awesome to do some service this week!

But ya, I love my mission and it's a huge testimony builder every single day! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love my companion and we preach the gospel. So I hope all of y'all have an awesome week! Love y'all!

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission
Kearns Utah