Monday, September 26, 2016

Kearns Week 12: Transfers, Miracles, and More!


Hey everyone! How's has life been? This past week has been amazing! It's hard to believe how much has happened since last I wrote! In case some of y'all didn't know this is my last full day with Elder Dunham!!  He is going back home tomorrow morning to Georgia and we have to be at the mission home at five am tomorrow, so that will be fun! I already know who my next companion is! We got together as a district Saturday night and the zone leaders told us who our new companions are and our areas. So they told me that I'll be staying in Kearns! Which is awesome! My new companions name is Elder Eason. I haven't met him yet put he's been out for six weeks so I'll be training him which is weird because I just got finished with my training this week! President Palmer, my mission president, said that he felt like I was mature enough to train so I guess I'm ready! It's gonna be a lot of fun and I can't wait to met him Tuesday and tell y'all about him next Monday!

So besides transfers a ton of stuff has happen this week! On Friday one of Elder Dunham's old companions Elder Manu came for breakfast. Friday morning, we were driving towards Salt Lake with Tanner Manu, Elder Dunham's previous companion who's already home, and it was raining and we got on the interstate with two lanes. In front of us was a mini van and on the side of it was a big semi truck. The lanes were merging because of road work and we didn't know because we couldn't see past them. The van did and randomly veers into the side of the semi and was literally a inch from hitting it and slams on its break. Then we hit on our brakes but becomes it was raining we couldn't slow down in time and the van gets inches from hitting us. We turn off the road to a lane that's under construction and hit a cone and slid right past the van without any damage. We have no idea how we didn't get hit because we were literally bumper to bumper when we veered into the cones. The Lord provided a way for us to live. It was a pretty packed highway and we would have been hit real bad. I immediately said a prayer thanking the Lord. He protects his missionaries and its good to witness that. After we got back on the road Manu said, "good thing I was with the missionaries" and we all started laughing so it's good.


But ya, besides almost hitting a car this week has been very successful! We were able to teach a lot of people which is good! We had a huge cold front with some intense rain this week which was fun to walk in! It dropped down to the forties and it snowed up in the mountains and that was cool to see as well! So ya I got to try out that rain coat that Papa sent to me and fits really well! There was also a tornado in Salt Lake because of the storm which is super rare for out here. It wasn't a huge one but it destroyed a couple of homes up north of Salt Lake I believe. So ya, walking in the cold rain was fun! I got to try out the winter gear everyone's been sending me which was awesome! We've taught a lot of new people that we found last week so that's been great! We mainly found less active members which is good. We had two lessons with a black girl named Lucinda, who is 25, and has a boy who is five (who is the funniest kid on earth). They’re an awesome family and Lucinda is trying to get her life back in order which is great and it's been awesome to get to know her and help her get back to church! We met also with the Eaton family who is also less active. The kids want to come back to church and are awesome! The husband works graveyards so it's hard for him to come to church. We tried just setting goals with them so that they can be eventually sealed in the temple! We look forward to working with them.  We also met with the Tialavea family again and they are solid kids! They have been coming to church for a few months now and it's awesome to see how far they have come! I love it!

We did have a baptism for last Saturday but sadly they had a problem with word of wisdom so now it's pushed back two Saturday's! It's ok we are just trying to help her, it's mainly with coffee. She hasn't had one this week so far so she's been going strong. Her name is Gloria, and she a great person as well and we have been only working with her for a little bit but I know she can do it! We taught CiCi this week as well, Paula's sister. We just taught the plan of salvation with them and during the lesson she brought up baptism on her own which was awesome! She also came to church with us for the first time which was amazing! CiCi is 14 and it's been awesome to work with her! She is learning so well it's amazing! She will get baptized eventually and I can't wait to see the day! Also, another less active that we taught came to church! It was fast and testimony meeting and she bore her testimony which was amazing!!! Her name is Kelsey and she has the cutest baby ever and wants to come back so it was awesome to see her come out! It's been months so it was great to witness that!

I love being a missionary! It is literally the best thing in the world! I'm gonna miss Elder Dunham but I can't wait to meet my new companion and to preach the gospel! Utah is epic! The mountains are white and the weather is nice! It's gonna be all 60s & 70s this week! So looking forward to that! Thank y'all for all the emails and letters! It's hard to write letter backs because I run out of time! I try to do at least one a week! But ya, I love to hear y'all’s emails! It's been "ballin" here in SLC! Everyone have a great week! I love all of y'all!

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission