Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kearns Week 10: Families 4Ever

So our P-day got moved to Thursday because we have a temple trip that we did this morning. So that's why y'all didn't hear from me Monday. I'll talk more about the temple trip next Monday.

But ya, how's everyone doing? This week went by really fast and it's hard to believe that's it's already P Day! I hope everyone's been doing good back home! Kearns has been going great and I've had a lot of experiences this past week! Yesterday we had a Salt Lake City Regional conference which was really cool. It was two hours long but we were able to hear from Elder Ballard, from the 12 Apostles, which was great and he talked about Pokemon Go in his talk which was very funny! All the talks were great and it was awesome to hear from everyone who was there!

But ya, it was a great week and we had a baptism this week! Last Saturday Omar got baptized by Elder Ruiz, who had been working with him before we moved to the Kearns Stake, and it was a great experience! Omar is a 17 year old Hispanic guy, who doesn't know Spanish, and he is a really cool dude and I'm so glad that he's been baptized now and has been coming to church. It's really cool to be part of people's lives and I love seeing the change people make so that they can finally know what true happiness and joy is! Besides the baptism we had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. One of which is this cool stake carnival that we went to! It was really cool and all the Samoans made some epic hot dogs that were really good! It was a lot of fun just to see everyone from the stake and eat and chill. They us and the Spanish Elders give a small presentation about missionary work which was fun. We didn’t have a very loud amp so it was kinda hard to communicate to everyone but it was really good! We basically talked about how it's not hard to do missionary work and we did a role play where I showed them how they could ask somebody out to church. It was really cool and they really likes it.

But ya lots of miracles this week. After Omar's baptism it was 8:30 and we weren't sure how to finish our evening so we said a prayer to ask what to do. I immediately thought of one of our Ward referrals on the other side of the stake. After I said that Elder Dunham was like I was thinking the same thing! So we walked in the dark to this lady's house and it's like 9 at night and we knock. No answer so we knock again. No answer. We knock one more time with our fingers crossed. Then the window slides open and she pokes her head out and started talking to us. We ended up setting a return appointment to teach her. She said she has been coming to church and she's seems like a good person for us to teach so I'm excited for it.

But ya, that's about all I did this week and it's been awesome here in Kearns. I have been having a great time so far and I'm learning so much!

With love,

Elder Bowie
Salt Lake City West Mission