Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kearns Week 7: We’re Soaring We’re Flying


This week was fantastic!! We had transfers Tuesday! As I said last week, I'm still staying in the Kearns East Stake, however they added on the Kearns Stake to our area. So now we are covering two stakes! It's a decent size area and we cover a lot of ground on our bikes everyday! What fun! We spent till 3 pm on Tuesday helping other missionaries in our zone move and stuff like that. Our K-Town(Kearns) district is spilt up, but we still have Elder Kozacavitch, the Brazilian, and a new Hispanic moved into our apartments and I forgot his name. He's cool and he has this epic skate board thing! I rode it like a boss. The work is doing good as well and we got our feet wet in the new area of the Kearns Stake! It was fun.

On Wednesday we went by a ton of people on the Kearns Stake and had one out of our three lessons actually pull through. We had ZLC which was fun and I got chill with them even though I'm a Junior Companion. We got Dunham's new iPad so hopefully we can actually plan now because it was an issue before that thing was messed up. We saw a lot of families mostly Hispanic... But it was awesome. There are a lot of Hispanic families to teach but they aren't the best at keeping commitments. We also met with Bishop Fellows and he was a great guy and I felt pumped after talking with him. It brighten by day even more so. He's from the tenth Ward so that's cool. Lots of work with four or five people on date and like ten investigators! It's ballin. As they say in K Town Ball is life!  

On Thursday we played volley ball with the Samoans today which was epic! I loved it! And we played uno with the Spanish Missionaries! I beat them so bad though. They keep saying that I cheat but it's pure skill. We had District Meeting on Friday. I learned a ton from it this week. They asked good questions and comments like: Are we learning not earning heaven? Are we changed by grace? Friday was really productive though and we saw a taught lot of people. Tialevea family was sick so we went by Saturday instead. We taught Paula again and it wasn't really a lesson. We talked and got to know her family more. It was good. We were out til like 9:45 so it was a long day. We bikes up the hills back like animals!

We helped this random family move into their new home in the stake on Saturday. We saw and talked to a ton of people. Paula unfortunately canceled on us again... Barbara too... We haven't seen her in like two week! I hope she is alright! We taught Tialavea about Helman 5:12 and it went well but it was at ten in the morning on a Saturday so the boys were super tired! It went well though! This evening. We saw more of the Kearns Stake WML, Ward Mission leaders, and bishops and we got to met the President Weaver. He a great guy and he is awesome to work with! Also almost forgot we made these epic pancake sandwiches for lunch! It was the best!! We did it with Elder Leavitt and Hernandez! It was fun!  

Yesterday we spoke three times in different congregations! We got picked for all different topics as well. Mine were: How Repentance helps us keep covenants, Book of Mormon, and then Choices. It went good though and it was just us two speaking in two of the wards so we had to talk long. It was a cool experience though. But ya, that was a week in a pinch. We didn't have too many lessons this week but the ones that we did have were very powerful and I learned a lot this week. In fact we met with our new investigator, Tanner, from the Kearns Stake and he is really solid. We talked with him about why he wanted to meet with the Missionaries. He told us that he had received a blessing from a member and the feelings felt which was the Spirit was so strong that he knew then that he needed to be baptized. He told us that he already read through the Book of Mormon once! He is currently trying to stop smoking because he has been addicted to it since middle school. Last Sunday then we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how if he relies on Christ that he will be able to overcome smoking and be baptized. He's a great guy and he's 22 years old! He's been coming out to church for the past couple of weeks and I'm really glad for him! Because it's people like this that make all the rejections worth it! Loving the work though! We are the ground troopers in our area and we're so blessed to be here in Kearns. It's gonna be a great six weeks ahead of us!

Elder Bowie
Kearns & Kearns East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission