Monday, August 8, 2016

Kearns Week 5


Good morning everyone!

I hope y'all’s week was as good as mine was! This has been a great week! On Tuesday we walked down to the Stake Center to wait for the trio (Elders Kozakavitch, Soares, & Hurtado) to pick up Elder Dunham's bike because it had a flat, and we needed a ride to pick it up from the mission home. We met two guys along the way, Scott and Kevin. Scott needed help moving and Kevin just wanted to hang out later to talk with us. It was cool because after we got Dunham's bike we went over with the trio to Scott’s home and helped him out with some service. He told us that he was asked to leave his home and they gave him a very short time deadline to move out. So it was good for us to help him out by cleaning out this giant room of trash, and I found a trombone in the back and he let me take it. It's super old and not very good but ya I got a T-Bone now. It's not very good though. lol It's very hard to play on.

We also got to teach Paula last Wednesday as well. So ya, it was nice and we were able to teach Paula abut the spirit and it went really  well even though we were short on time. We challenged  her to read more and to pray to see if the Book of Mormon is true and I know  she'll get an answer! She's nice and I hope she gets baptized next transfer! She's pretty solid just needs a witness of what we have
taught her. We had Zone training Friday and it was a ballin experience . I learned a lot and I loved it! We talked a lot about the Temple and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a good experience and I loved it.

Saturday was the one of the best days of my life. I was able to baptize Josiah T.! It was the coolest experience and an amazing time doing it. Seeing their family come so far from missing so many simple things like having a supportive father, and for me seeing how  they came from that abusive relationships just like a month or two ago and just seeing how far they have come from it and to see how the Gospel has changed their lives in so many ways. We helped them come back to church and now they can have peace. It is a wonderful feeling. I am so happy and proud for them. The mom gave her testimony after the baptism and she started crying as she told her past experiences over the past 2 months and how the Kearns 4th Ward has helped her so much and to have a family again. She started to cry and I was just overcome by the Spirit. It was amazing. I love their family and the spirit was so strong and the kids were awesome! I gave Josiah a big bear hug and it was awesome! It was the coolest experience ever and I felt like I actually worked with this family. It was just awesome! It was so epic!

Yesterday at church was awesome! I got to bear my testimony in the 16th Ward and heard many great testimonies from members. One of them just recently had a daughter go to Vietnam and how this sister from our Ward went there with the first missionaries to open the mission there and in a few short weeks they have baptized many souls. Now the gospel is spreading like wildfire in Vietnam. Also, Sister T. gave her testimony and it really touched my heart. It was amazing to see her come so far in a short amount of time. I'm really happy for their family and I can't wait to see them be eventually sealed in the Temple. So ya, I love you guys and all the letters and emails you send! I love hearing from y'all! I hope your week was great as well! Transfers will be next week. So next Saturday I'll know if I'm staying or leaving Kearns. I kinda hope I stay but will see. I love you guys! .

Elder Bowie
Kearns East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission