Friday, July 1, 2016

MTC Week 3


me & Elder Milburn (from England)

Dear Family & Friends,

My last week here at the Missionary Training Center was great! Sunday I  taught about obedience in class with my companion Elder Quinnelly. It went really well and the Spirit was there throughout our lesson. Elder Brown from Rogers was in church with us because his Branch was added in with ours. It was nice to see a familiar face and to catch up. He is going to Salt Lake City South next Tuesday. Also! We got our travel papers and checklist this week! This Tuesday I am taking a bus from the MTC at 7:30 to the train station and then ride the train up to Salt Lake City and meet my Mission President around 9:30 and then I'm off into the real world! We only have 3 more days here in the MTC! The other Elders are super excited to head out and I am too! The Sisters have to stay one more week though because they are going to a LDS Visitor Center so they need to know how to give tours basically. They're all sad that our District is breaking up. We're going to give everyone our emails so we can stay in touch for the next two years! But besides getting our travel papers this week has been great! The food is here is awesome! We had hot wings last night. Last Tuesday a member of the Seventy, President Arnold, talked to us about being close with Christ and recognizing Him in our lives. It was really great talk and I took lots of notes! Being able to hear the Spirit in the world we live in today is a huge blessing! Wednesday we did some service by cleaning some of the classrooms and windows. It was nice to focus in on our purpose here as missionaries and focus on others rather than ourselves. I just love it here in the MTC and I am super excited to go out into the field here in a few days!!

Today because the Temple here in Provo was closed we did some more service by cleaning the Temple. We spent three hours this morning scrubbing the floors and cleaning some of the rooms. It was a great experience to do that. We all sung hymns together and it was awesome even though my back was hurting from scrubbing the floor for 2 hours. I also got released as District Leader and called as Zone Leader. I am now in charge of not only my own District of ten but 5 other Districts here in the MTC. All together it's about 60 people. We gave a tour of the MTC as ZL (Zone Leader) to the two new Districts that came here last Wednesday. We showed them where everything was and how to get around and read their schedules. It was a lot of fun. We had a Canadian in the tour and he is was fun to talk to because of his accent.

Again thank you to everyone who has sent me letters and packages! It means so much to me! I hope everyone has a great 4th of July without me! We have a party planned in the dorms here in the MTC. We have like over 200 glow sticks and a bunch of streamers and junk food! It's gonna be a ton of fun! I have three days left til the real deal! I can't wait to get started! Also, if anyone has any trouble reading my emails or seeing the pictures just tell me. Til next time!


Elder Zachary Clay Bowie

Utah Salt Lake City West Mission


British selfie


my district




Welcome to America.


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