Monday, July 25, 2016

Kearns Week 3


(first bike wreck…ouch!)

Good morning everyone!

This past week went by super fast! It's been awesome out here in Kearns, UT and today is Pioneer Day out here in Utah. So, everybody is shooting fireworks and their will be a big parade in SLC, but we won't be able to go. Our Mission President, President Palmer, said that we couldn't go due to the recent shootings and such. So instead we're going be hiking at Doughnut Falls today til around 1pm. Since it's a holiday we get an all day P-day so I can email a little bit more today instead of stopping at 6. It's been great though and I my third week here went really well! I went on exchanges for the first time with the trio, Elder Hurtado, Soares, and Kozacavitch, on Tuesday and me and Elder Soares switch places for he day. They are Portuguese speaking so I was nervous at first but most of our appointments that day spoke English as well so it wasn't too bad.  We have two blessings Wednesday which was cool! One to a guy named Danny and one to a sister. It was super spiritual and it was something that I needed, I was so blessed by it! Loved it! We met up with Mark, a less active, and then read Alma chapter seven with him and his brothers and he promised to finally read the Book of Mormon, he's been really bad at keeping commitments, so I hope he's for real! On Saturday, we did a lot of knocking on doors at LARC (less actives, recent converts) with some success. It was good though. Elder Leavitt broke my bike, so we took the mission truck to go and get it fixed up. We then ate lunch with this one Samoan couple at Five guys, and it was alright . An hour after lunch the bike was fixed so the ZL's took us in the truck to go and get it. We got it and went to the Stake Center and got Elder Dunham's bike. The work went much faster with the bikes. We didn't have dinner so we took an hour long nap which was awesome! I wrote out a few emails for P-day and then we went out again till bed time. We met this girl named Jen who needed some help so we'll see her tomorrow. Also Elder Dunham showed me how to find true joy:

J: Jesus first
O: Others second
Y: Yourself last

So ya, awesome right? Put Jesus, then others first before yourself and then you can find true joy. Also, we may or may not be baptizing the Samoan family this week. Their father (not the abusive stepfather but the real dad) just back from jail (idk why he was in jail) and is at their home now. We're just making sure he's on board with the baptisms. I could be an issue because he does have he power to stop it since he has legal rights over the kids and such.  There is a lot of info that we don't have so we're just trying to figure it all out. Hopefully it goes smoothly. But ya, that's my week in a pinch, and I hope you guys had a great week as well! And Happy Pioneer Day!

Elder Bowie
Kearns East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission


Since Monday was an all day P-day, they got to go to Donut Falls as a district.






They ate lunch at Wendy’s. Yum!


That evening they played a little Monopoly. Elder Bowie came in 2nd place. :)