Monday, February 20, 2017

Tooele Week 10: Spring Cleaning


Good morning y'all!!

This was awesome! We had a great week here in Tooele! We found a new less active family named the Hansen that have an 11 year year old daughter who wants to get baptized! So we are now working with them, and it's awesome! We might have a baptism this Saturday for Travis which will be awesome! We are going to try to met with him, and then try to do his baptism interview Thursday and plan his baptism out! Brother Walgamont is awesome and he is our ward mission leader and he's been a HUGE help for Travis and for us as missionaries! So I'm super excited for this baptism!

We also helped a few people move this week and that's been great to do service for people! We had to carry tables and desk up like three flights of stairs which was fun. haha! We also have been really fellowshipped by a lot of the members here and they are awesome! We have a ton of referrals which is great! We also are meeting with the Hills and a less active family with two boys that want to get baptized. (Ones Rylan's age and the other is Cara's age) and we are going to set them on date as well to be baptized tonight which will be great!

The mission is awesome! We have a district activity today which is supposed to be a "surprise" so we will have to wait and see what it is. But ya, the district is great and Elder Lane is doing awesome! He's improving his teaching skills and he loves Tooele as well! So win win! I also met a member from Orange, Texas and she said she was going to make me some Gumbo when we eat dinner in her ward, so I'm excited for that! Haha! The mission is great and it's warming up so that makes missionary work a lot easier because we were freezing to death! Starting to bike around now since the snow is gone which is good as well! But ya, love all y'all! Thank you so much for everything!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake 
Salt Lake City West Mission

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tooele Week 9: Take Me to Church


This week has been pretty awesome! The weather is starting to warm here or at least trying to which is awesome! Trying to get out bikes again since now there is no more snow and ice on the ground! We had a great week, and we had a lot of success which is always great as a missionary! We had Stake baptisms last Saturday, and we invited the Hills (the less active family we are working with). They have two boys that need to be baptized, and they came and loved it which was awesome! We still got Travis on date for the 25th, and he will be out of town this week but he's doing great! Then we have the Gordy's daughters for the first weekend of March. So we are super excited for them! We will try to get the Hills on date for baptism soon which will be great as well! I'm really loving ,and it's a great place! Members are always helpful out here, and it's awesome! We had a few investigators at church Sunday which was awesome! Hard to believe we're almost halfway through February! It's going by quick! I'm excited for it to warm up soon! That way we can do more stuff which will be great! Hope all y'all are doing alright and are having a good time! Thank you for all your prayers and support. It means a lot to me! Stay chillin'!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tooele Week 8: “Spring” is here!

IMG_5576This week has been great! It's starting to warm up and the snow is finally melting! We just had transfers this week, and I finally met Elder Lane! He's from Southern California and he loves cars, country music, and Tooele! He fits in well here with the members, and we have been doing well together!

This week we have been finding a few more families to teach! We recently started teaching the Hill Family in Overlake, and they have two boys that need to be baptized which will probably happen this month or next month! So, it is awesome! We'll be teaching them tonight about tithing and all that fun stuff! We also set Travis on a date for the 25th of this month and he's been doing great! He's been coming to church for about a month now. His boys are going to scouts and all that as well! So it's been awesome to see the change in his family from the Gospel! The Gospel is so true!

We had Stake Conference this week, and that was awesome! President Frailey, our Stake President, talked a lot about the simple things, such as, prayers, reading the scriptures, and going to church! So that was great, and we had a few of our less active families come as well so it was great for them to hear as well! I hope everyone is doing great back home! It's hard to believe it's already February! This year is going by so quick! I love your letters and emails! Thank y’all so much!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

shoveling snow




Monday, January 30, 2017

Tooele Week 7: Transfers, Snow, and Dogs


Good morning y'all! Had another great week out here in Tooele! Transfers are this Tuesday and I'll... *drumroll*... will be staying here! Unfortunately, Elder Lester is leaving me!! And guess what, he's going to dirty Kearns!! He is going to Kearns East Stake where I was just 7 weeks ago. haha!! And, I'm getting a new greenie. His name is Elder Lane, and he just got out last transfer with Lester! He was actually in Kearns last transfer (I guess he was my replacement haha). So I'm super pumped to get him here in Tooele! So I'll be here another 6 weeks! I'll tell y'all more about him next week when I get to know him!

But ya, we have two baptism in February coming up, which Lester is upset about because he's moving before that. haha! But ya, one is Travis who is married to a member and they have 4 or 5 kids that are young. So, this week we should be setting him on a date for sometime this month!! So, I'm super excited for that! He's been coming to church and activities so it's been awesome to see that change in his family! Then we have a 9 year old of a less active family getting active again. So ya, her name is Talia! So, I'm super excited for this transfer!

We also had a few miracles this week! This week at church we had a guy walk in. His name is Shawn, and he's from Guam! He has a lot of tats, but he's a really cool guy. He told us that he's been to jail and he wants to change his life. So we will be meeting up with him sometime this week. He hasn't ever been to an LDS church before or heard of the Book of Mormon, so we are starting from square one with him! So, I'm super excited for this opportunity to work with him!

So ya, been a great week! We had a few cool experiences, and I love the work out here! The mission is awesome, and I am always learning something new!! Thank y'all for the letters and emails! They mean a ton! Also, Elder Quinnelly was made our Zone Leader this transfer, so that'll be great! Our new District Leader is Elder Whitaker! And I finally burned a tie for my 6 month mark as well this week! haha!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

Tooele Week 6: Prison Break


Well, as y'all can see from my subject, we had to break into our house this week! Haha! So we were walking back home, and Elder Lester couldn't find the keys on him. So we retraced our steps and still couldn't find them. But don't worry! We went to the Spanish Elders down the street and slept with them since it was already around 9:30. Then it snowed. So ya, we have to wait for a couple of weeks till we can find them. Haha! Our landlords came over & they are LDS, so they said they could get us new ones. So they gave us keys today for both of us! So, they are really nice! So don't worry! We are back in our own home. Haha! 

But ya, this week was great! We had the temple, which I talked a little bit last time I emailed on Thursday. I love going to the temple and had a great time there! This Sunday, Elder Lester and I gave a talk in the Tooele 2nd Ward, and I got to talk a little bit about Gordon. B. Hinckley, who was the previous Prophet of the Church before he passed away in 2008, and some of the things he taught while he was alive. So that was really fun! I talked for about 35 minutes which was a fun experience! I shared Isaiah 40:31 which Cailey shared with me a while back.

But ya, it was a good week and we met with Travis, one of our investigators, this week. He is doing really good and is super close to baptism! So next transfer he will probably get baptized which will be a great experience, especially for Elder Lester, since he's still new. So I'm pumped for that! I love y'all so much! I hope everyone has been doing great so far this winter! Pray that I don't lose my key's again. Haha! For reals though, I love all of y'all and can't believe it's been over 7 months! Time flies too fast! Peace out y'all! Stay warm! If y'all need anything let me know!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tooele Week 5: Snow And Temples


Good Afternoon! We just got back from the Temple in Bountiful, and it was awesome! It started snowing when we got outside which was cool and a little cold! We had a pretty good week so far and found quite a few people to start working with and to help them get back to church and get closer to Christ. The Temple was ballin!

We saw quite a few deer as well and in fact yesterday we saw a 8 or 10 point buck on the street when we were walking to dinner, so that's neat! And I also went on exchanges with Elder Quinnelly this week which was ballin and we got to talk and serve around his area in Edda! That was a lot of fun as well!

So ya, had a good time this week and I hope y'all did too! Love y'all so much!

Elder Bowie
Tooele North Stake 
Salt Lake City West Mission