Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Welcome Home, Elder Bowie!


Monday, June 18, 2018

Hunter Week 30: Homeward Bound


Well, it’s hard to believe, but this is gonna be my last email! My final week here has been awesome! Tuesday I had my final interview with President Palmer! We talked about after mission life and what I need to do. Thursday we did what we call, Trunky Temple Day! We went to the Bountiful Temple with everyone going home and the President as well. It was awesome. We had a ballin testimony meeting after. There are 17 going home, and 4 of us will be flying to Atlanta. Friday we had our last district meeting! In the evening we went to a member house to burn suits for our 2 year mark! Don’t worry, mom, I just burned my ripped suit pants. Haha! Saturday, we had a mini mission! It was a lot of fun! We did that for most of our day! It was awesome to be with youth preparing for a mission! Sunday, I was able to bear my “farewell testimony” at church! It was awesome!

Well, see y’all soon! I’ll be flying out at 7 am Tuesday from Salt Lake to Atlanta! Then from there to Arkansas! I should be in Arkansas around 3. Thanks for all the love and support! The mission has been amazing! I’ve learn so much! Can’t wait to share with y’all want I have learn! Love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stake

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hunter Week 29: It's the final countdown.


Hi, everyone! It’s me, Elder Bowie. It’s been another good week here in West Valley! It’s been pretty hot this week with every day in the 90’s, so we’ve been drinking lots of water! Tuesday Elder Golding had our regular interviews with our mission president. Since I’m going home this transfer mine will be this week. It was fun though to go to the mission office, and see some missionaries. Also! Tuesday was my b-day! Hard to believe I’m 21 now! We did a b-day dinner at one of our member’s, the Nelsons, home! It was really awesome of them! Wednesday and Thursday were both slow days, so we mostly just walked around our area.

Friday we had our district meeting which was good as usual! Our lessons that evening canceled unfortunately. Saturday, we helped out some people move out to Magna. Luckily they didn’t have much stuff so it didn’t take long to load and unload their stuff. We then did a district blitz for the Sisters. We just went knocking doors in an apartment complex, but not too many people were home sadly. Then in the evening we went by a few people. Sunday, of course, was good. We had church and a Stake Correlation Meeting in the afternoon. So, it’s been a pretty good week. Thanks again for all the love and support! Love y’all! Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stakes

Monday, June 4, 2018

Hunter Week 28: Almost Summer!


Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a great week! My week has been tiring, but great! We have done a lot of walking in our area this week which is nice! We had a little bit of a cold front in around Wednesday or Tuesday evening, so the weather wasn’t too bad as well. Not too much success unfortunately, but we are trying to work hard in our area. We are trying to do some work in the one Samoan ward we have. Not a lot of success so far but we are going through the area book as well as some referrals we have. We’re hoping to get some work sparked there.

Thursday evening we had a new investigator lesson which was awesome! They are going to be moving out in a month sadly. They wanted to start meeting with us and to get baptized. So, we are going to start the lessons with them and see how it goes!  The walked around for the rest of our evening.

Friday we had our district meeting which was good as usual. Saturday we did some service for a few people. So, that was good to do. Sunday, we had church, of course. It was great to hear everyone’s testimonies! We also went to the Youth Devotional which was awesome! It’s been a great week here in West Valley and I’m looking forward to this week! Love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stakes

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hunter Week 27: Memorial Day

zach mission_thumb

Good morning everyone! Hope y’all had a greet week! My week has been good here in West Valley! Well, nothing too much has happened since I lasted emailed on Thursday. We are still doing good in our area. We got a few return appointments which was great. Friday, we had our district meeting which was good as well! Sunday a family in our area had their son come back from his mission from New Mexico. We got to met him and hear his homecoming talk. So, that was good!

Today is going to be an All day P-day which is nice! We will be doing some activities with our district and later our zone today. Hope all of y’all have a great Memorial Day!  Thanks again for all the love and support! Have a great week! Love y’all!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stake

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hunter Week 26: Temple Trip


Good morning everyone! This has been a great week! Our p-day got moved to today since we went to the Temple in Bountiful today! It was a lot of fun!

We have been doing very well in this area! Elder Golding and I have doing well! Sorry this will be a short email since we are currently running back and forth!

Love y'all! Have a great week!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hunter Week 25: Happy Mother's Day!!


Good morning everyone! We had a great first week of this transfer! Elder Golding is great! Can’t remember if I said where he is from, so I’ll do it again! Haha! He is from Eagle Mountain, Utah! Originally from Evanston, Wyoming so he isn’t too far from home! Haha! We get along very well, and have been doing good together!

This week was pretty slow. We had a lot of lessons fall through. We have been going by some of the Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops which has been good. We’ve have been having fair weather as well which was been nice. We had a cold front come in and dropped us from 80s to 50s and 60s. It should warm up this week again, I believe.

We also had a baptism in my last area I was able to go to! It was for a 15 year old young women that Elder Miller and I taught in the Samoan area! It was awesome to see her get baptized! I gave a talk on baptism there, so that was great as well!

Probably the highlight of my week was Mother’s Day! We had a great day! We had church with the Mother’s Day programs and then after our meetings we got to call home! It was awesome to have my last call home! So, that was awesome! Then we had our dinner and we did some family history work after dinner as well. It was an overall good day! Thank everyone again for all the love and support! Hope all y’all had a great week as well! Talk to y’all next week!

Elder Bowie
Hunter and Hunter East Stake
Salt Lake City West Mission